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The feeling that you are on another planet or on the surface of the Moon accompanies you all the way. Only the blue sky, very earthly remembers that you have not left Terra. However ... strange sensations are trying you out, when from the depths of the earth, through the "cones" high as the state of a man, upset and angry rise gas bubbles. The cracks and dry slopes left by sludge leaks in these "volcanoes" complet the lunar look. The dryness of the land leaves here and there a courageous plant to catch roots. Locals have called this phenomenon “heaters” or “mists”.
The area of this geological phenomenon is about 8 kilometers away from Berca, a village in Buzau County. The muddy volcanoes were first signaled by Grigore Cobalcescu. The genesis of mud volcanoes is the mixture of groundwater and natural gas, which in their expansion to the outside dissolves the rocks and turns them into a muddy paste. This one comes to the surface, gives rise to cones, which also caused the name of volcanoes.
There are three groups of mud volcanoes in the area: 1. those in the area of ​​the anticline, set about 100 meters from the village of Berca (above the Colony) 2. the northern village of Pâcle (Pâclele Mici), situated on the plateau in the south of the Pâclele hill, on the border of Berca and Scortoasa, 3. those in the southern Beciu village (Scorţoasa), known as the Great Patch. Plates are sprinkled with open cones and craters whose dimensions range from a few centimeters to a few meters.
The edges of the plateaus have slightly slopes due to the erosion of the waters in the volcanic mud that give rise to holes of up to seven meters. On the Little Pâcle Plateau, the main volcanoes do not have cones in relief. However, they have craters with dimensions ranging from two to five meters. These natural phenomena as a whole are of rare beauty and must be on your list to be seen in summer holidays. The lunar aspect of the muddy plate is strange: the total lack of vegetation, the bright yellow color of the dry mud, the strange forms of the cones that dominate the plateau from which the milky mixture of minerals and salts from the depths of the earth flows. The locals called the area "evil lands" due to the appearance of deserted clay plots.
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The Mud Volcanoes Berca, Buzau County
The fauna of these plateaus is represented by rare species: scorpion and termit. Other surprises are for botanists: at the edge of the mud fields, halophil plants grow. Here, endemically, two shrubs, declared monuments of nature, are grown: the beetle (Nitraria schoberri) and the bayonet (Obione verrucifera). You do not have to go to nearby Baku (Georgia) to see this unique natural phenomenon, but only to Berca, Buzau County. It is said that only there is a similar geological manifestation.