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Day 1 - Monday, 9th of October 2017 visit Duca and Greceanu Fortified Peasant Houses visit Hurezi Monastery accommodation Vaideeni, Pensiunea Cerna traditional Oltenian evening with singers and dancers, camp fire, pottery demonstration, networking
Day 2 - Tuesday, 10th of October 2017 visit Muierilor Cave visit Polovragi Cave visit Polovragi Monastery accommodation at Ranca shepherd’s evening
Day 3 - Wednesday, 11th of October 2017 visit Targu Jiu visit The Endless Column, The Table of Silence, The Gate of the Kiss visit Hobita, the village of Constantin Brancusi
Day 4 - Thursday, 12 of October 2017 visit Tismana Monastery visit Orsova
Day 5 - Friday, 13th of October 2017 Danube Cruise sightseeing Rock sculpture of Decebalus sightseeing Tabula Traiana accommodation Drobeta Turnu Severin visit The Roman Castra visit Drobeta Turnu Severin Medieval Fort
Day 6 - Saturday, 14th of October 2017 visit Oltenia Museum visit The Art Museum form Craiova visit Putureanu Inn and Hotel Minerva visit Star Tours Travel Agency visit Romanescu Park wine tasting at DST 12 and party in The Old Town of Craiova
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Day 7 - Sunday, 15th of October 2017 visit The Central Library of Craiova Press Conference at Craiova City Hall
Tourism in Romania
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