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If you want to experience the feeling that you are in the house of God and live the closeness to God, the most suitable choice is the Pietroasa Hermitage in Borsa, Maramures. The landscape cuts your breath and makes you feel closer to heaven and God. The monastery is on a plateau, at the foot of Pietrosul Rodnei, at an altitude of 1,000 meters. The craftsmanship of woodworking and the nature are binding together near the highest mountains in the area.
On 26th of October 2007 The Archbishop of Maramures and Szatmar, on the day of the celebration of the Great Martyr Dimitrios, the source of the myrrh, laid the foundation stone of the Pietroasa Hermitage. The hermits are led by the spiritual father Ieromonah Ambrozie Piticari and Mother Superior Ioanichia Timis. The shelters hold two workshops: one for painting and one for tailoring. Next to them stands the proud wooden church.
The hermitage of "Cutting the Head of St. John the Baptist" is a place of worship and prayer for believers and pilgrims, as well as stops for tourists passing through the area. For those who venture into the Cailor Falls, the Pietroasa Hermitage is a welcome stop near the chairlift or the waterfall. Mother Superior  Ioanichia Timiş is the welcoming host of the holy place.
The monastery has a special history. Timis family has nine children, five girls became nuns. The Timis family has decided to donate part of the land for the construction of a hermitage. Two of the girls of the Timis family are nuns here, at the Pietroasa Monastery, and three are nuns at the monasteries in the country. Few families have been blessed with such children in the service of the Lord. In our paths of knowledge and discovery of Romania's beauty, we have come to this place, where soul peace is combined with nature, prayer, faith, work and talent, in perfect harmony. So, enter the Holy Monastery, make a prayer, leave a pommel, rejoice the heart of the beauty of the place and leave your soul elevated to the Lord.
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Pietroasa Hermitage Borşa, Maramureş County