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Coming from Bucharest and going to Râmnicu Vâlcea, over the Black Hill, take the left to Jiu through little towns and villages and arrive at Horezu. If you climb to the right, to the foothills of the mountains, you reach a settlement that extends along the base of the Capatana Mountains. The Vaideeni village, first documented in the XVIth century as “Vai de Ei”, was born through the migration of several shepherd families from Sibiu, fleeing from Transylvania during the time of forced Catholicization. Thus, the ethnocultural influences are obviously similar to those in Transylvania. Hospitality, smile and good will are present all over the small town.
Still wandering along the paths, we arrived late in the night, at the gate of an upstairs house. I called and in a few minutes the owner of the pension appeared. Although, clearly, he was awakened from sleep, he came with the smile on his face. In 2 minutes we‘ve made a short tour of the pension and then “good night”. The first impression was that we got home, it was a warm and familiar room. Everything simple but tasteful, clean, fresh, a room with a balcony facing the mountains, flowers in the jardiniere and fresh air. We could see that late at night. In the morning we were to reveal the true face of the Vaideeni pension.
At 7 AM we went down to the dining room. Mrs. Iuliana was on duty, preparing the breakfast. As soon as she saw us, she flourished a pleasant smile on her lips and asked if we wanted to serve the coffee. Of course we did not refuse, and immediately the kitchen, which is at the disposal of the tourists, was filled with the fragrance of a good and aromatic coffee. We drank the coffee in the foyer behind the pension, where the tranquility of the morning was disturbed only by the chirping of the foggy birds that were also beginning a new day. After a good and refreshing coffee came the breakfast, homemade cheese, ham, eggs, bread, all made there, by the owners, all natural, without any additives, a really healthy breakfast.
In the morning we made the tour of the pension and discovered the 5 rooms, arranged with the same good taste and simplicity, the large and well-organized reception, the kitchen equipped with everything needed for a household and the dining room. In the courtyard, a barbecue for tourists and a foyer hidden behind the villa where you can enjoy the tranquility and the surrounding landscape. We would have liked to talk some more with the owners of the pension but the tourist attractions in the area were eye-catching. If you visit the area don’t forget to put in your itinerary the Buila-Vânturariţa Natural Reservation, the Măldăreşti fortified houses, the workshops pottery from Horezu, Polovragi Monastery, Polovragi Cave, Muierilor Cave, tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity of Vaideeni village. The distance from the pension to the main atractions in the region is no more then 20 kilometers, Vaideeni Pension being the perfect place to stay.
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Vaideeni Pension, Vaideeni Valcea County