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We discovered this pension on our roads of knowing and discovering the beauties of the Vaideeni area, an area that is guarded northeast by the Buila-Vânturariţa Natural Reservation. The beauty of the area is complemented by the naturalness you meet in the pensions in the area. Moara Viselor Pension is retreated from DJ 665 county road, about 2 km away from the DC138 communal road, but is well signed on the roads. A large courtyard opens up in front of the welcoming gate and a row of trees encounters you shy, bringing you shade and coolness.
The pension with a distinct exterior design has welcoming, modern rooms and the quiet around the building provides you with a welcome rest. When we arrived at the pension, we had the feeling that we got home. Two families were already staying, the men were preparing a barbecue, the women were at a coffee under the gazebo, and the children were playing in the yard. This painting was supplemented by the water-spur that slowly came to the pension widening into a pool. The image of the trout basin, the luster of water on which water lilies complements the sensation of a fairy tale. This pension is and has been appreciated by occasional tourists or tourists coming and coming back each year here at Moara Viselor Pension. It is a very important aspect because only satisfied tourists come back and, more than that, make recommendations to other tourists
The pension is known and recognized by its cleanliness, host hospitality, its own farm and the wonderful attractions of the area. If you are staying at the Moara Viselor you can visit the monasteries (Arnota Monastery, Polovragi Monastery, The Monastery of a Wood), caves (Bear Cave, Muierii Cave, Polovragi Cave), you can visit Bistrita Gorges, the Oltets Gorges, if you are a a hiking traveler, you have some trails in the Capatanii Mountains. The name of the pension is not accidental. Sometimes, on the water that winds up beside the pension was a mill. Mrs. Flori Patruşca, the administrator, the owner and, above all, the heart of this place, chose to keep with great effort the water. In memory of the dead, the pension was called the Mill of Dreams.
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Moara Viselor Pension Vaideeni, Valcea County