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The road waving sometime smoothly, sometime dangerous, in closed curves. We went to Maramures for so many times that we don’t remember. The landscapes of Maramureş and Gutai Mountains, the silence of the starry nights are awaiting. We can’t wait the traditional food sprinkled with the famous “palinca”. People are waiting for us with their sweet and soft speech. We are waiting for the women in the  dressed in green and red skirts, the white blouses attached tight to the waistcoat with a black and red cord and the men working the land with the “clop” on the head. We are waiting for the narrow-train, Horses Waterfall, the original Sapanta Cemetery, the Prislop Pass, the wooden churches, the Barsana and the Sapanta Peri monasteries . Awaits Baia Mare, Moisei and Borsa, Viseu, Mara and Cosau Valley, Poienile Izei and Botiza.
Landscapes that quench your thirst for color and beauty make you careless. On the way to Maramures, at Maramureş and Sălaj county limit, raises the Maramures gate. A symbol that means that from here on, only Maramures will breathe, only Maramures will live, only Maramures you will feel. Apparently meaningless, but very closely intertwined, the carved rows in a cross as a symbol of the infinite is a sign of purification and sinlessness, the cyclicality of life embodied in the great wooden wheels, the symbolism of ancestors sculpted in the wood for centuries, introduces you into the sacred atmosphere of the family and the culture of the ancestral Morosean way, where the passage through the gate means cleaning before entering the family, a large family, closely united, the Maramures family, a cult, a tradition, a habit of the many.
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