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I'm Adriana Roman, a tourist in Romania, blogger and  irreversible in love with Romania.   I am from Vrancea, land of Vrancioaia legend, land of  Miorita legend. I have travelled with my parents especially  in Vrancea and I have discovered the fascinated  traditions and warm people. Later on I have discovered  the natural product of the endless vineyards from  Vrancea and I have felt in love with the special aroma of  pure Romanian wine. My horizon has expanded and now  I travel in Romania supporting people and organizations  to develop their businesses in the tourism field.  I love to travel, to discover places, people, traditions and  local stories, to write about what I see and feel.  In 2013 the blog Turist prin Romania has offered its first  article. Turist prin Romania started as a personal project and  based on the managerial experience of almost 15 years  and over 20 years of experience in tourism and media of  my collaborators has become an instrument that offers  information and recommendations to the tourists,  business consultancy and increased social media  visibility. Turist prin Romania mission is to promote Romania, its  historical values, tradition, people and places with tourism  potential.
Tourism in Romania
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